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The systems for the liquid/liquid separation, which are designed by us, are based on the coalesce technology, the separation itself is processed in accordance to the application or the specific requirement in a one- or multi phase system.

The separation can take place in different modules:

  • Coalescer phase separation stag
  • Coalescer elements

The utilization of special materials, the coalescing effects and density differences of the emulsified liquids are leading to generate an accelerated phase separation.The separated liquid phases are being discharged for re-use or for disposal through special valves and fittings.

The life cycle of the coalescer elements of the second stage is depending on the solid content of the emulsion. Our system is modular so additional filters can be installed in front if necessary .

Out from the combinations of this technology, a variety of different systems for several applications, when it comes to liquid / liquid separations , can be developed and customized.

Hereinafter the standard systems are described which cover the cleaning of different with hydrocarbons wasted waters ( deoiling ) , e.g. Bilgewater in Marine business, Process water in the industry or Cooling water in Power plants and furthermore the separation of water from fuels and oils.

All systems for deoiling of waste water are designed in a combination of Coalescer profiles and Coalescer elements to comply apply to certain regulations of rest oil content of 5 mg/l or 15mg/l ( e.g. IMO MEPC 107(49) in Marine application ) or for higher requirements for example in the industry

1. Bilge water Separator (Standard design acc IMO MEPC.107(49))

The Standard Bilgewater deoiler is consisting of the two stages Coalescer Profile Pack and Coalescer Elements , which are installed one behind the other .

This provides a reliable separation and cleaning of wasted bilge waters as well as industrial waters.

Function & design:

In the first stage of the system oildrops are combined to bigger oildrops by an optimized coalescense and are ascending into the oil dome due to the density difference between water and oil, where the oil is being discharged. At the same time dirt particles of the medium are being separated by gravity into the lower sludge chamber, so we have three phases which are separated.

In the second stage the remaining smallest oil drops, in the most times emulsions, are separated by the special fibre bed of the installed coalescer elements.

This two-stage combination of Multiphase profiles and the coalescer elements fuilly complies to national and international regulations and laws.

These deoiling systems are operating fully automatically and are supplied completely mounted , wired and piped on a base frame. Fittings , valves and automation complete it to a "Plug- & Play" unit for the customer, ready for installation.

Apart from standard units customized solutions in special desgin are also always possible.

Advantages of Sepflutech Deoiling Systems:

  • Full automatic operation with out supervision necessity
  • Compact and solid design
  • Highly efficient and reliable separation performance even at difficult upsteam load
  • No chemicals or other substances necessary

2. Fuel & Oiltreatment systems

These systems are used for all middle distillates (like MGO, DMA, DMX ) but also for gear and light lube oils . Typical contaminations like0 solids and water are separated very efficiently.

Function & design:

Our systems are designed modular. In the standard module a combination of filter and coalescer elements is used, depending on the requirement of the customer and depending on the grade of contamination oft he liquid. If a higher grade of purity is needed, i.e. a lower grade of rest water content, additional separator elements or filter modules can be integrated.

The systems can be supplied completely mounted on a frame or as single components , always including the feed pump and the control panel.

Advantages of the treatment systems:

  • Flexible design
  • Single module with combined filtration and water separation
  • Compact and solid design, even for high flow rates
  • Highly efficient and reliable separation performance
  • Easy plug- & play installation , low maintenance necessity

The Sepflutech systems are running very reliable with low operation cost and are easy to operate in comparison to other alternative systems like Centrifuges, Activated Carbon Systems etc.