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The systems for the liquid/liquid separation, which are designed by us, are based on the coalesce technology, the separation itself is processed in accordance to the application or the specific requirement in a one- or multi phase system.

The separation can be made with different modules:

  • Coalescer phase separation stage
  • Coalescer elements


Oil Water Separator Type SDU-1.0 (1.0 m³/h)

Installed on Mega Yacht


Oil Water Separator Type SDU-2.5 (2.5 m³/h)

Installed on Cruise Vessel



Oil Water Separator Type SDU-2.5 (2.5 m³/h)

Installaed on Research Vessel

By the utilization of special materials the coalescing effects and density differences of the emulsified liquids are leading to generate an accelerated phase separation.The separated liquid phases are discharged contiously for re-use or for disposal through special valves and fittings.

The life cycle of the coalescer elements of the second stage is depending on the solid content of the emulsion, but can be extended by integration of additional filter stages in front.

Out from the combinations of this technology, a variety of different systems for several applications, when it comes to liquid / liquid separations , can be developed and customized.

Hereinafter the standard systems are described which cover the cleaning of different with hydrocarbons wasted waters ( deoiling ) , e.g. Bilgewater in Marine business, Process water in the industry or Cooling water in Power plants and furthermore the separation of water from fuels and oils.

All systems for deoiling of waste water are designed in a combination of Coalescer profiles and Coalescer elements to comply apply to certain regulations of rest oil content of 5 mg/l or 15mg/l ( e.g. IMO MEPC 107(49) in Marine application ) or for higher requirements for example in the industry.