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Fuel & Oiltreatment systems

These systems are used for all middle distillates (like MGO, DMA, DMX ) but also for gear and light lube oils . Typical contaminations like solids and water are separated very efficiently

Function & design:

Our systems are designed modular. In the standard module a combination of filter and coalescer elements is used, depending on the requirement of the customer and depending on the grade of contamination oft he liquid. If a higher grade of purity is needed, i.e. a lower grade of rest water content, additional separator elements or filter modules can be integrated.

The systems can be supplied completely mounted on a frame or as single components , always including the feed pump and the control panel.





Advantages of the treatment systems:

  • Flexible design
  • Single module with combined filtration and water separation
  • Compact and solid design, even for high flow rates
  • Highly efficient and reliable separation performance
  • Easy plug- & play installation , low maintenance necessity

The Sepflutech systems are running very reliable with low operation cost and are easy to operate in comparison to other alternative systems like Centrifuges, Activated Carbon Systems etc.